The Accepted Mason

Come, let us prepare, we Brothers that are Assembled on merry occasion
To drink! Laugh, and sing, for our wine has a spring:
Here’s a health to an Accepted Mason.

The World is in pain our secrets to gain
And still let them wonder and gaze on
Till they’re shown the light, they’ll ne’er know the right
Word or Sign of an Accepted Mason.

‘Tis this and ’tis that, they cannot tell what
Why so many great men of the nation
Should aprons put on, and make themselves one
With a Free & an Accepted Mason.

Then join hand in hand, by each Brother firm stand!
Let’s be merry and put a bright face on
What mortal can boast so noble a toast?
As a Free & an Accepted Mason?


(All standing and joining hands, right over left, three times):

“What mortal can boast”, etc. etc.